Mahesh’s Kitchen wowed me!

I have to hand it to Mahesh’s Kitchen – they know how to do Indian food.

I had the pleasure of dining here, thanks to owner Shubhangi Musale, who graciously insisted that I try this and this, and that and that, until I thought I might explode. Yet, I kept eating – it was that good. I am not an Indian food aficionado, so I brought my friend who is. She was able to explain various dishes to me and how they are best eaten – over rice, with or without naan, with a dollop of Raita.

We started with Avocado Behl, Chinese Noodle Chat, and Rack of Lamb. The lamb chops were tender, and the dry rub gave them so much juicy flavor that I was gnawing on the bone – something I never do. Then we tried the Classic Chicken Curry, the Laal Chili Goat, and the Goan Fish, which I believe was Mahi.

The curries were out of this world., a wonderful consistency that evoked feelings of warmth and comfort. The warm naan made for a perfect spatula so as not to leave a drop behind. The next day, leftovers awaiting me, I made a meal of the rice with golden raisins and Indian spices, along with the occasional spicy pepper. It was such an unexpected combination, and it worked.

Mahesh’s Kitchen is in Sugar Land Town Center, in the space formerly occupied by Turquoise. It’s a large space that can accommodate a lot of people, but it still feels intimate. Mahesh’s offers a full bar and some wonderful-sounding signature cocktails (the time of day precluded me from imbibing, but I really, really wanted to).

I will be back, with the hubs, with friends, or all by myself.

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