Buddy Holly Hall is dressed to impress

You don’t expect this level of artistry in Lubbock, TX.

In fact, that’s what’s so great about it – the sheer delight when you first see Buddy Holly Hall, a beautiful building that houses the Lubbock Ballet and serves as a venue for Broadway-style shows.

I saw Rent there, my third time indulging in the iconic play now celebrating its 25th anniversary. The sound was excellent and the venue kept me entirely busy when the performers weren’t on stage. That’s because it’s just that beautiful to behold. The staircase is the showstopper, off to the left when you enter the main lobby. Built in remembrance of the tornado that ripped through Lubbock in 1970, it is so detailed that you can see the wider center modeled after the shape of a tornado.

Another wall showcases a beautiful mural made of guitar picks. And the inside seating area is just gorgeous, with sparkling lights on the ceiling that look like stars in a night sky.

So much of why we go to the theater is about the venue just as much as it’s about the performance. We enjoy getting dressed up, bellying up to the bar, taking our drinks to our seats, and looking around and the beautiful architecture and d├ęcor. This place doesn’t disappoint.

The level of talent Buddy Holly Hall is getting is impressive, and the cost of tickets is much cheaper than in a major city. If you’re nearby, I highly recommend!

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